Time Trials / RC Bandito Time Trials (10)

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Online DLC: The Diamond Casino & Resort

Locations (10)

Power Station #10 [active]
Par time: 1:45.000 | "Yet another unintended benefit of the fossil fuel economy: really tricky RC tracks."

Construction Site I #1 [not active]
Par time: 1:50.000 | "Ever wonder why large-scale construction projects take so long? It's obvious when you think about it: they make such damn good RC tracks..."

Cypress Flats #2 [not active]
Par time: 1:30.000 | Sociologists have concluded that one of the few ways to make the back alleys around Cypress Flats even less safe would be the presence of high-speed, knee-high RC cars...

Cemetery #3 [not active]
Par time: 1:20.000 | Don't worry. It's almost certainly what they would have wanted...

La Fuente Blanca #4 [not active]
Par time: 1:27.000 | How do you piss off a cartel lord without putting yourself in line to be decapitated? Step one, grab an RC car...

Little Seoul Park #5 [not active]
Par time: 1:10.000 | Bonus points available if you manage to knock someone off the half pipe.

Davis Quartz #6 [not active]
Par time: 1:32.000 | This is one of the few ways to enjoy a race through Davis Quartz while also avoiding preventable lung disease...

Vespucci Beach #7 [not active]
Par time: 2:05.000 | Time to take your long-awaited revenge and kick up sand in the face of all the good-looking, socially competent beachgoers...

Construction Site II #8 [not active]
Par time: 1:12.000 | Sure, if this is your day job, the unsecured scaffolding and lack of guardrails are hazards. But you're driving an RC car at high speed. And that makes them features...

Vespucci Canals #9 [not active]
Par time: 1:53.000 | If there's anything that complements the urbanity of a studio apartment overlooking the canals, it's an RC right through your front window...