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Job image: 'Crashy car game'

6 minCrashy car game

Okay, it's just sumo, exit the vehicle if you fall off, try balance teams and all

Forced weapon: Unarmed
4-20, 2-4 teams
No reviews
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Updatedabout 2 months ago
Added about 2 months ago · ver. 2
SC tags: sumo

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Job image: 'Mamma Mia (RX)'

1.13 kmMamma Mia (RX)

Here I go again....

GTALens Verified
4.15/5 · 1+0 reviews
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Has 2 variants[PC, XB1]
Fork of Template GP
In-game category:Stunt Race · Xbox One (+ XBS|X)
Updatedabout 2 years ago
Added about 2 years ago · ver. 3
Job image: 'Sumo:Castle On The Water'

Updated DMSumo:Castle On The Water

A battle to the death where the winning team gets the castle all to themselves.

Forced weapon: Unarmed
Min 2, 2-4 teams
No reviews
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In-game category:Team Deathmatch · Xbox Series S|X
Updated8 days ago
Added 🔥8 days ago · ver. 5
SC tags: castle, sumo

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Job image: 'Rally'

5.54 kmRally

Choose your car wisely.........

Max 25
No reviews
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In-game category:Land Race · Xbox One (+ XBS|X)
Addedover 5 years ago · First version
Job image: 'Vinewoodring'

4.85 kmVinewoodring


No reviews
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In-game category:Stunt Race · Xbox One (+ XBS|X)
Addedover 4 years ago · First version