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Job image: 'z MIND Rapid Ascent 5M 2'

z MIND Rapid Ascent 5M 2

Part 2 of a Five M version of Rapid Ascent

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Fork of z MIND Rapid Ascent 5M 2

In-game category:Stunt Race · PC
Addedabout 1 year ago

SC tags:dontplay

Job image: 'MIND Albatross'

MIND Albatross

A Richman and Rockford city track with a squiggly custom bit in the golf course. 'Par' time of around 1 min 30's in Sports or Supers.

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Has 2 variants[PC, PS4]

In-game category:Stunt Race · PC
Addedalmost 2 years ago

SC tags:mindlessriffgolf...

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