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La Puerta Vehicle Warehouse
If buying a red brick warehouse in a blue collar neighborhood and filling it with unregistered super cars doesn't count as gentrification, then nothing does. Throw in a flat white served in a chemistry beaker and consider this community regenerated.
$ 2,735,000

La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse
Sure, this part of La Mesa won the LSPD's "Most Gang-Related Stabbings" award three years running. But the previous owner of this spacious depot had the largest collection of authentic Customs and Border Protection agency badges in the state, and his widow is throwing them in as a sweetener. You can't say fairer than that.
$ 1,500,000

Davis Vehicle Warehouse
Does it qualify as a bonded warehouse if the government just doesn't know it exists? We think so, and we've got another warehouse full of lawyers who'll say the same. On the market for a limited time only.
$ 2,495,000

Murrieta Heights Vehicle Warehouse
Here at SecuroServ, we have a dream that one day everyone living in Murrieta Heights will be a billionaire crimelord with an enormous portfolio of nearly-new luxury cars. But we also know that every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single warehouse full of stolen goods. Step up, be the hope, pocket the change.
$ 2,850,000

Cypress Flats Vehicle Warehouse
There's no more discreet place to locate a gigantic storage unit than in a neighborhood full of other gigantic storage units. And compared to them, whatever you're planning will almost look legal.
$ 2,675,000

El Burro Heights Vehicle Warehouse
Who would locate an off-the-books vehicle depot in the middle of a suburban wasteland where the white picket fences got burned for fuel a decade ago? A visionary venture capitalist with an eye on privacy, that's who.
$ 1,635,000

Elysian Island Vehicle Warehouse
In a recent survey of warehouse owners in the port area of Los Santos, 94% self-identity as radical entrepreneurs while only 2% could spell the word 'tax'. Welcome home.
$ 1,950,000

LSIA Vehicle Warehouse
It's a sad day for democracy when political correctness, liberal media elites and nineteen counts of human trafficking conspire to bring down one of the oldest storage companies in the state. Lesson learned: don't deal in goods that can testify against you in court, and this place could serve you for decades to come."
$ 2,300,000

LSIA Vehicle Warehouse
If you want your business to inspire the masses, this is the location for you. Because when they're queuing for another cavity search at LSIA, the sight of you stepping off your private jet to take delivery of a million dollar hypercar will be just the motivation they need to get off their asses and start being incredibly rich.
$ 2,170,000