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Online DLC: Chop Shop

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Paleto Bay
A delightful community, superb surroundings, and one of the slowest police response times in the country. These are the ingredients that small businesses are made of.
$ 1,620,000

Sandy Shores
This former holiday resort boasts one of the lowest rates of disposable income in the developed world. So you're guaranteed almost no customers. On the plus side, you're guaranteed almost no customers...
$ 2,030,000

La Puerta
Looking for a property with unique character and charm? Then you'll be thrilled to know the last owner of this outlet was crushed to death by the car lift. The standard charges for "interesting history" have been waived.
$ 2,690,000

Very few entrepreneurs are brave enough to set up shop in Strawberry. But before you turn away from this wonderful property, let us assure you, the deafening sound of machinery drowns out the constant gunfire almost entirely.
$ 2,570,000

Murrieta Heights
Boasting a lively neighborhood and the Tataviam Mountains within fleeing distance, this popular property has seen a high turnaround of owners over recent years. But with care and a high-quality legal team this could be your business's forever home.
$ 2,420,000