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Elysian Island Nightclub
Forget homely blue-collar neighborhoods and picturesque abandoned factories. If you want a real challenge, try gentrifying a dockside slum that's knee-deep in industrial discharge and dead fish. If you can bring the A-listers here, you can bring them anywhere.
$ 1,080,000

LSIA Nightclub
Imagine you're an international businessperson looking for a world-class night out, but you'd rather not stray too far from your private jet just in case the FIB hears you're on American soil. There's only one way to cater to that vital demographic, and this location is it.
$ 1,135,000

Cypress Flats Nightclub
Cypress Flats is currently in that perfect sweet spot for a new club: it has barrels overflowing with post-industrial cool but very little housing, so there's nowhere for the hipsters to roost. This place is staying on the edge for years to come.
$ 1,370,000

La Mesa Nightclub
As well as being walking distance for the young professionals in Mirror Park, this is also the only location in town where the roar of the interstate doubles as the world's biggest sub-woofer.
$ 1,500,000

Mission Row Nightclub
A wise man once said that wealth is relative. And nothing will accentuate the astonishing wealth of your clientelle like stepping out for a cigarette and gazing at the highest concentration of vagrancy in the state.
$ 1,440,000

Strawberry Nightclub
One of the little-known perks of setting up a night club in a disused paint factory is the presence of high residual levels of industrial solvent. Good atmosphere, happy patrons, all night. guaranteed.
$ 1,525,000

Vespucci Canals Nightclub
There's only one thing needed to push the Vespucci Canals into being more European than Europe, and that's a wildly pretentious and brutally overpriced nightclub set amid the ruins of once-profitable commerce and industry.
$ 1,320,000

Del Perro Nightclub
This charming 20's-style building in Del Perro has just enough residual class to offer a post-ironic thrill when you turn it into a throbbing techno dungeon.
$ 1,645,000

Downtown Vinewood Nightclub
Downtown Vinewood is the entertainment capital of Los Santos: Oriental Theater, Whirligig Theater, Doppler Cinema — and right in the heart of it. basking in all its abandoned commercial chic, there's a nightclub location with your name on it.
$ 1,670,000

West Vinewood Nightclub
It's hard to find a suitably scuzzy location in West Vinewood. This place was actually in pristine condition until we paid some drifters to live in it for a couple months: now it has all the character it needs, and then some.
$ 1,700,000