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Tract #1

Kifflom, brother. You are now truly one of us and are ready to write the tract, which has already been written..WE WORSHIP KRAFF WHERE THE EARTH REACHES OUT TO THE 9TH PARADIGM.

Tract #2

Where the first of the fleet succumbed to the waves, there the message is seeded.

Tract #3

When they sail from the North, they will find this offering.

Tract #4

In the core of the mountain, where the blast is not felt, there you shall find it.

Tract #5

In the rubble of the old religion, will be the basis for the new.

Tract #6

Where the first fleet sailed, the new fleet will find its map.

Tract #7

What dwelling is worthy of Kraff? He is humble, yet we exalt him.

Tract #8

We are not dinosaurs, or plants, but a tree in the jet stream may hold Kraff's true word.

Tract #9

The tallest obelisk of glass and steel holds no comparison to the word of Kraff.

Tract #10

Where they discard their earthly prisons, there you may find the germ of a higher civilization.