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Document Forgery Offices

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Document Forgery Office #1
cozy little workshop in the land that cops forgot. perfect place to work on your copypaste in peace and quiet. make it here, and the northern market is yours.
$ 732,000

Document Forgery Office #2
dead-end lot in a dead-end corner of SA. perfect setup for doc work. surrounded by meth labs and rug n tug joints so the cops wont give a shit about you.
$ 650,000

Document Forgery Office #3
tight little setup dug into the side of textile city. great central location. permanent scaffolding out front to keep things low key.
$ 1,235,000

Document Forgery Office #4
old warehouse near the docks with big potential for scratching out a buttload of IDs. be a 1 stop shop for the illegals dashing out of every second shipping container.
$ 975,000

Weed Farms

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Weed Farm #1
budding herb shed tucked just under nowheres asshole. quiet, good humidity, loads of paperless workers nearby.
$ 802,200

Weed Farm #2
if the locals dont skin you this shack will sit nicely under the radar for years to come. room for a decent crop and already hot and wet as hell so youll save big on the humidifier bill.
$ 715,000

Weed Farm #3
last grower got shot in the neck just inside the front door so selling this on at cost. tidy little outfit for the ambitious horticulturalist. ideal for a startup.
$ 1,358,500

Weed Farm #4
easy in, easy out, no customs, plenty of space. an aspiring growers dream. good dockland access and cops think its just a sweatshop rofl so go nuts.
$ 1,072,500

Counterfeit Cash Factories

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Counterfeit Cash Factory #1
still registered as a utilities station. if you wanna print bills then cover doesnt get better than this. thick walls so no one will hear the driers or the shots.
$ 951,600

Counterfeit Cash Factory #2
every idiot knows the economy is already on the brink and with the right leadership this hellhole could print enough cold cash to sink it in a few months. bring it on.
$ 845,000

Counterfeit Cash Factory #3
tidy beachside lockup for a boutique printer. all the hippies around here would think a crayon sketch of a dollar bill is legit so what are you waiting for?
$ 1,605,000

Counterfeit Cash Factory #4
old depot in a neighborhood where no ones stupid enough to ask questions. light prep work needed and youll be doing some serious quantitative easing in no time.
$ 1,267,500

Methamphetamine Labs

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Methamphetamine Lab #1
know how much ice pays off a liberal arts degree? this places turnover should have you covered in just a couple years. big quiet factory. feds have forgotten it exists.
$ 1,024,800

Methamphetamine Lab #2
big old shack thats found its calling as a low-profile, high-ceiling lab. youre a ways from the nearest pharmacy if you run out supplies so stock up.
$ 910,000

Methamphetamine Lab #3
old derelict perfect for cooking shit. neighbors are half dead with the smog so no ones going to notice a little extra toxicity lol.
$ 1,729,000

Methamphetamine Lab #4
slick new warehouse. this place has got superlab written all over it. youll only have merchant seaman and sex traffickers for company but theyre your biggest customers anyways.
$ 1,365,000

Cocaine Lockups

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Cocaine Lockup #1
old storage outfit perfect for the rookie or the old hand. amenities, battery recycling, gun store and not much else nearby.
$ 1,098,000

Cocaine Lockup #2
fort just over the hill but screw it this is prime real estate for an up and coming producer. doesnt look like much but that’s a good thing right? lots of trade from passing grunts.
$ 975,000

Cocaine Lockup #3
nice little dive in the fancy part of town. great start for a classy powder shop. pissing distance from all your dealers and their clients.
$ 1,852,500

Cocaine Lockup #4
forget your hipster dreams of a tarp-covered shack in the South American jungle. this is the real deal. large industrial premises for a chemist with some ambition.
$ 1,462,500